7 Examples to Create Lead Oriented Landing Pages

Landing pages are another part of your online marketing campaign. Landing pages are much more useful for your business because they convert your visitors into leads. By visitors, we mean the people who visit your website or have seen your advertisement somewhere on the internet. If you own a business and want to start an online marketing campaign for your business, you must learn about landing pages and how you can use them in your sales funnel. A sales funnel is the conversion process of an audience or a visitor into a potential customer and then into a customer or client of your services and products.

When you see an online advertisement, and you find something of interest in it. A call to action button on that advertisement will lead you to the landing page and not just any page of your website. In simple words, a landing page is not only a direction to your website, but it lands your customers.  By landing, we mean that your viewer is converted into your customer.

1. How is a landing page different from other website pages?

The landing page is not like any of your website pages, such as about us or contact us pages. Many people mistake ‘about us’ or ‘contact us’ as post-link landing pages. The truth is none of them are landing pages as we said before, the landing page is a part of your marketing campaign, so it does not just direct you to the information about your website. It should lead you to become a customer or client of that particular business. The purpose of an advertisement is to gain as many customers as you can, so if your post click page is not exactly a landing page, it is not much help either for your customer or your business.

If we talk about how it stands out from other website pages, you will understand why you need a landing page for your business. Unlike other pages, the landing page has a form that allows your visitor to enter their information, which is a further step to convert your visitor into your customer. Your landing page has no other purpose than converting your visitors into customers. So it plays the most crucial part in your marketing campaign because no matter how great your advertisement is, if the ad viewers don’t know how to become your customers or how to buy your services and products, there is no benefit of your advertising left. And all your struggles and money to create the best website and advertisement will go in vain.

2. The purpose of landing pages:

The landing page is free of all distractions, that is, a landing page does not distract your viewers into looking at unnecessary articles, but it takes them directly to becoming your customers or subscribing to your business website.

3. How does the landing page work?

A person sees a call to action button on your advertisement on the internet or email newsletter, which you send to them as a part of your marketing campaign. When they click on the call to action button, it will direct them to the landing page. The landing page must include a form that will require the said person to fill in their information. Now the visitor who clicked on your call to action button on the advertisement has become your lead, and the information you get from them is information you need to plan your marketing campaigns further. Your lead usually becomes a customer if marketing is done right. This process helps run your sales and marketing funnel faster.

4. How do landing pages convert your viewers into your customers?

The conversion process is relatively simple, but it does include some attributes such as the call to action buttons, landing page, and thank you page. The need to action button will direct you to the landing page, and the landing page leads you to the thank you page. All of this conversion is mainly based on the landing page because the viewers will choose to enter their information to become your customers. So the landing pages are an essential part of your conversion process and marketing campaign.

5. How to create the best landing page:

Landing pages may not require a lot of content, but it does require useful content. In simple words, while creating a landing page, the quality matters more than the quantity. The landing page should not be too wordy or confusing for the viewers. It should be just to the point. The following are some tips to create the best landing page:

5.1 Headline matters the most:

On a landing page, the headline catches the viewer’s eye first, so the purpose of your landing page should be summed up in the headline. It does not mean you should have a lengthy headline, but it does mean that you should have an intriguing and compelling headline that lures your viewers into reading more into your landing page and not discarding it as nothing. The headline of your landing page decides if the viewer will fill your form or not.

 5.2 It should include the benefits of your offer:

Convey your message successfully by telling your customer what they will get from your services. Tell them what you have to offer in quick and straightforward words. Spread the value of your services briefly. By headline and this information, the customers will know what they are in for.

5.3 Design your form carefully:

Remember that you need information from your buyers for marketing and customer satisfaction purposes, so keep your form to the point. Only add necessary fields and refrain from asking too many questions. Try to keep your form brief and basic and only ask for information your customers will be happy to provide.

 5.4 People focus more on Bullet points:

Instead of writing your purpose and benefits in the form of paragraphs, try to write them in bullets. Even if in dire need, no viewer will be happy to read all your sections and find the information they need. So instead of wasting their time, convey your message in bullet points. This will also make sure that each and every vital point will go through your viewer’s eyes.

5.5 Add visuals:

Visuals are an essential part of any sort of online marketing campaign. Because no matter the age, gender, or preferences of people. Everybody knows that people are more likely to focus their eyes on intriguing visuals instead of reading text. Try to add relevant visuals when and where you can in your landing page. Visuals can also convey your message better to the customer; they will better understand what you are offering to them.

6. Landing page design examples:

To give you a more accurate image of how you should design your landing page, we have added some examples to get you an idea of successful landing pages. Before creating your landing page, learn how other landing pages are designed and how much of an impact they have.

6.1 Shopify:

As you can see, Shopify has kept it simple by adding bullet points and visuals. It delivers its message conveniently. Mostly the headline consists of just a few words, but it has complete meaning for the respective business. This landing page gives you enough information to start filling your form, and the form also does not have many fields.

Shopify sign-up landing page

6.2 Airbnb:

This is another excellent example of a landing page as it offers personalization. This landing page does not even require you to go to your website. It allows you to add additional information right on the landing page to get more customized personalization and estimation of weekly earnings based on your location using Airbnb.

Airbnb sign-up landing page

6.3 Teambit:

This is an excellent example of designing a landing page using visuals. I don’t think any of the viewers seeing this would ignore the animated characters working in an office. It shows how delightful animal characters are in the office. All of these characters praise the Teambit, which means they are happy with the Teambit.

Teambit landing page with CTA to sign up with Google

6.4 Webflow:

You can get so many ideas when it comes to designing landing pages. Webflow is another example of a great idea of developing a landing page. As you can see, they have used animated gifs. Gif helps the viewers to see the product without going to the main website page. Webflow is a design Tool for web developers, so their landing page also shows how good they are at their work.

Sign-up landing page by Webflow

6.5 Industrial strength marketing:

This is one of the best landing pages I have come across so far. The main reason is that it has a prominent form, and the fields are to the point. The color scheme of the landing page is also exciting. This design works best both on a cell phone and a personal computer.


7. The bottom line:

Hopefully, this article has provided you with enough information on converting your visitors into customers using landing pages. So start designing your user-friendly landing pages, which will help you as your marketing campaign.

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Want to steal our marketing process?

Discover exactly which steps we take with each new project, and how you can systematize your marketing efforts.

Want to steal our marketing process?

Discover exactly which steps we take with each new project, and how you can systematize your marketing efforts.