5 Marketing Tools You Might Be Missing

The rise of digital marketing has introduced a multitude of new opportunities—and new challenges—for brands big and small. These challenges can become even more overwhelming if you don’t have a large staff to support your digital marketing initiatives. So how can you make the most of your advertising dollars when you have limited resources?

Thankfully, there are several marketing tools available that can help you take control of your digital marketing and get better results for your brand. Here are five essential marketing tools that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.


Make stunning videos with a single click. Cut, trim, crop, add subtitles and more. Online, no account needed.

Say goodbye to clunky video software and hello to one-click editing online. And if you ever need a hand, the VEED support team is there to help.


Mailmunch captures leads from your website and converts visitors into life-long readers, email subscribers, and customers.

Build an engaged audience that wants to buy from you. Capture more subscribers, get to know your audience with advanced segmentation, increase conversions with personalized emails, and automate your funnel & marketing engine today!

They even have their own landing page builder!


Write outstanding content that people search for. Optimize existing pages. Win high positions in Google with the most relevant and quality writing, so you can strengthen your brand and watch your organic traffic grow like crazy.

Accelerate every stage of the content lifecycle with Surfer.


Elfsight widgets help 300,000+ website owners to increase sales, engage visitors, collect leads and more.

Save your time and money with ready-to-use solutions and grow your business faster. From social, reviews, chats, forms, tools, and so much more, this is a must-try product for every website owner.


Use AI to write proven, high converting copy for increased conversions and higher ROI.

Instantly generate high quality copy for ads, emails, websites, listings, blogs, and more.

Forget about endless hours spent trying to figure out what words should be in your weekly newsletter or Google Ads ad. Let their AI (appropriately named Jarvis) do it for you.


These marketing tools are only a small sample of the many resources available to marketers today. But by taking advantage of these and other tools, you can significantly improve your marketing capabilities and achieve better results for your company.

Don’t let yourself fall behind the competition just because they have a larger staff or more resources! With these tools, you can get ahead and win the digital marketing battle.

Is there a tool you’d like to see on a future list like this? Send me a tweet and let’s chat.

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Want to steal our marketing process?

Discover exactly which steps we take with each new project, and how you can systematize your marketing efforts.

Want to steal our marketing process?

Discover exactly which steps we take with each new project, and how you can systematize your marketing efforts.