24 Marketers You Should Follow on Twitter

The internet has made it easier than ever to learn about the latest marketing tactics and trends. And there are perhaps few better resources for the marketing community than Twitter. If you want to find insightful tips in 140 characters or less, links to useful articles, and more, Twitter should be your go-to platform.

But who will fill your newsfeed with helpful, insightful marketing trends? Without further ado, here is a list 24 top-notch marketers who you should start following today:

Neil Patel

The co-founder of KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg and other marketing websites, Neil Patel’s primary focus is sharing information that will help you generate traffic—and income—from your blog. A must-follow for anyone trying to monetize their web presence.

Ann Handley

As the Head of Content for MarketingProgs, Ann Handley’s tweets provide helpful links that cover a wide range of marketing topics for newbies and pros alike.

Jay Baer

The President of Convince and Convert knows what he’s talking about—especially when it comes to sharing strategies that will help you convert leads into sales.

Rand Fishkin

As the founder of Moz, Rand Fishkin is an excellent source for updates and information on the highly-used SEO software.

Christopher Penn

The VP of Marketing for SHIFT Communications frequently shares data-driven insights that have application for your entire business.

Jeff Bullas

One of the web’s most popular content marketing and social media influencers, Jeff Bullas shares a wealth of digital marketing tips and tricks from some of the best writers on the web.

Guy Kawasaki

Apple’s former chief evangelist shares a mix of insightful marketing posts and funny videos to spice up your newsfeed.

Mari Smith

Mari Smith is one of the web’s leading experts on successfully using social media marketing. Whether it’s Facebook or Pinterest, she’s got you covered.

Paul Roetzer

The author of “The Marketing Performance Blueprint,” Paul Roetzer’s Tweets offer valuable insights for anyone trying to manage a successful marketing agency.

Pamela Wilson

As the director of the Copyblogger blog and owner of Big Brand System, Pamela Wilson offers useful tips on a variety of writing-related tasks for marketers.

Lucas Miller

The founder of Echelon Copy, Lucas Miller’s posts and blog links help teach marketers to “write like you talk.”

Brent Leary

The co-founder of CRM Essentials doesn’t just share his own content. He also frequently retweets some of the best marketing content from across the web.

Lee Odden

The CEO of TopRank Marketing tends to tailor his tweets to marketing data—a valuable source of factually solid, research-based information to guide any marketing agency’s efforts.

Amy Porterfield

Whether you’re trying to get more out of your sales page or monetize your social media accounts, Amy Porterfield’s Tweets and links offer key insights to increase your sales growth through your digital marketing efforts.

Glen Gilmore

Want to know how the Internet of Things and other new technologies will affect your marketing? Look no further than Glen Gilmore, who lectures internationally through his company, the Gilmore Business Network.

Kim Garst

With a focus on social media strategy for small businesses, Kim Garst’s Tweets are an excellent resource for anyone wondering how to get started with social marketing.

Pam Moore

The founder of The Marketing Nutz shares a wide range of tips for startups, with a particular emphasis on getting more from your digital marketing efforts.

Steve Farnsworth

A Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencer, Steve Farnsworth offers great insights for anyone trying to navigate the world of B2B content marketing.

Larry Kim

The founder of PPC management company Mobile Monkey, Larry Kim’s Tweets and links can help you get better click-through-rates for your ads.

Danny Sullivan

The founder of SearchEngineLand and MarketingLand, Danny Sullivan is often the first to report on breaking news in the world of digital marketing.

Aleyda Solis

If you’re looking for technical, implementable SEO information, international SEO consultant Aleyda Solis’s Twitter account serves as a great source for tactics to improve your PageRank.

Perry Marshall

As an expert on business growth, Perry Marshall offers useful insights to increase your ability to turn leads into sales.

John Jantsch

The founder of Duct Tape Marketing covers just about every digital marketing topic known to man, from podcasts to influencer marketing.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Twitter account isn’t just a way to keep up with the popular CEO’s show; it’s also a constant source of motivation for anyone trying to manage a business.

Well, there you have it. 24 Twitter influencers who can help you change your marketing efforts for the better.

And the best part of it is that this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are literally hundreds of other influencers on Twitter who can help you improve your marketing.

So start following, and start learning!

PS: If you’d like to follow everyone listed here via a Twitter list, I set one up right here.

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Want to steal our marketing process?

Discover exactly which steps we take with each new project, and how you can systematize your marketing efforts.

Want to steal our marketing process?

Discover exactly which steps we take with each new project, and how you can systematize your marketing efforts.